Chapter 12 Data

Chapter 12 Data Now Available

November 19, 2021

The NDC is excited to announce the introduction of Chapter 12 data for select Trustees.

Datasets/data dictionaries are the same as Chapter 13. For Trustee offices also servicing Chapter 13 cases, both offices (12/13) will be treated separately, e.g., like Chapter 13 Trustees that have inherited nearby offices, such as Trustee Elizabeth Rojas (LANG3/LANG4). The TrusteeID of these (Chapter 12) offices will simply have an appended “12” (MADS --> MADS12).

For portfolios that are auto populated, nothing needs to be done. Applicable Chapter 12 cases will be added as part of the normal portfolio build process. For portfolios that are manually populated, simply add Chapter 12 cases the same way you do Chapter 13 cases.

In this first ‘release’, Chapter 12 data is now available for three Trustee offices (who also happen to service Chapter 13 cases):

Joseph Black – Seymour, IN – SEYM12
Rebecca Garcia – Oshkosh, WI – OSHK12
Mark Harring – Madison, WI – MADS12

For more information, including on how to access Chapter 12 vouchers, please see “Getting Started with Chapter 12 for Creditors” here.

Subsequent notifications will be distributed for the introduciton of each new Chapter 12 Trustee office.

Please let us know if any questions arise.


Your NDC Team

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