You qualify for the NDC Regional Creditor Program.

Affordable access your bankruptcy cases

Your case-portfolio meets our requirements for the Small Creditor program and we’d like to ask you to fill out a few more things before we set up your account with the NDC.

Please use the form below to select the cases in which you are a party in interest.
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How it works

  • Please use the form above to enter which Chapter 13 cases that your company is a party in interest. This will help us build a portfolio of cases in which you will have access to view.
  • We’ll build a case-portfolio based on those cases as the trustee has entered them into their system. Your company may have multiple names (or variations of names). We’ll attempt to link all of them together to create a complete picture of your chapter 13 cases across all trustees. The links we create are saved into our dataset system.
  • Your portfolio is always up to date because the NDC system is constantly scanning to make sure cases are added as they’re opened and drop-off as they’re closed.


It’s $0.20 per open/active case per month, billed quarterly. For example, if you have 100 cases then you’ll be billed 0.20 x 100 each month: $20. We issue a quarterly bill so you’ll receive 4 bills (on the first day of Jan, April, July, October) for $60 each. Remember your case counts will vary as new cases are added and old cases are closed so your quarterly bill will vary a little bit.

Next Steps

  • We’ll send out a contract for you to sign – please use our DocuSign system to electronically sign this contract
  • Ater a signed contract is recieved we will create the portfolio of cases based on the cases entered below, then we will create a username and password and email that to you as well
  • You are now ready to go using


Please click here for any addtional questions