NDC Statement for COVID Event

Update 4/3/2020
The California Governor has called for an extension to the shelter-in-place until May 3, 2020, therefore NDC offices will be closed until that time. Service levels continue as before and all staff are working remotely, full-time.


Like all companies around the world, the National Data Center (NDC) is making changes to our daily operations in response to the National Emergency due to the COVID-19 virus. Below please find our contingency plans in response to this event.

Offices & Employees
The NDC's offices are closed on order of the California state government's shelter-in-place restrictions. We have executed plans to have all employees work from home. However all service levels remain as before. All telephonic communication, email, and issue/trouble tickets are flowing through our on-line systems as before with response times in keeping with our business service levels before the covid event.  

To re-iterate: the physical NDC office has closed, all employees are working (from home) and operations remain as before 9am-5pm PST.

Chapter 13 Trustee Data & Operations
The heartbeat of the NDC has always been data transmissions from each Trustee office around the country, every business day. These transmissions were never interrupted and remain on time as before the covid event.

NDC core data is still available via our website, ftp file services, and API libraries. None of these systems should not be affected by the covid event.

Chapter 13 Trustee offices are affected by these events as is any business. Their contingency plans may include closing their physical offices and directing employees to work from home. Some disruption to their operations will have  effect on NDC as their updates to bankruptcy case information is not performed as usual. This may be reflected in the NDC's data as either (1) the as-of date for a particular trustee drifts more than 3 business days behind the current date or (2) the as-of date is current but the actual data within the Trustee data set indicates it has not been updated more than 3 business days.

NDC uses the managed data center hosting service Rackspace, a multinational publicly listed corporation. Their datacenters have remained at full service levels, although many of their staff have transtioned to work from home

If we detect or are made aware of any data disruptions or data center issues NDC will post updates per Communication (see below) as we have done in the past.

NDC Pandemic Plan
The NDC does not have a specific pandemic plan as the nature of this event changes daily and affects our staff and systems in a fluid manner. We are monitoring the situation daily and making any adjustments as necessary. 

As of this writing, the only change in NDC's operations has been to close the NDC's physical office and move all employees to working from home to support normal business service levels and operations.

If there is any emergency change to NDC operations or service levels, announcements will be made on our home page and via email to all Vendors.

If there is any need for further information, please contact David Shapiro ( or phone 925 326 4802.
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