About the National Data Center (NDC)

The National Data Center (NDC) was established in 2001 as an adjunct to the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees. The goal was to develop a comprehensive web-based central source for Chapter 13 case and claim data. The mission of the NDC is to furnish this information to parties-in-interest through a single state-of-the-art secured Internet web site while taking all necessary steps to protect the privacy interests of debtors.

The NDC provides a cost-effective method to manage Bankruptcy claims through the intelligent use of data. Data is consolidated from nearly 200 individual Bankruptcy Trustees into one comprehensive secure database. The information is updated on a nightly basis.

Our subscribers have learned to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and increase returns on their portfolio of bankruptcy claims.

Tracking and management of debtor payments and trustee disbursements

  • Improved productivity through the use of timely, accessible, and quality data
  • Provides options to automate payment and other account posting
  • Electronic exception determination to better analyze portfolios

Subscribers can analyze their entire bankruptcy case portfolio through a variety of access methods. The basic subscription package includes unlimited login privileges for your bankruptcy team to view detailed case information in which you are a party-in-interest. Our website displays case receipt and disbursement information, relevant case date information, and claim data.

The NDC basic subscription price depends on the number of cases in a creditor's portfolio. Debtors are provided access to their case information at no charge. If you are interested in additional information please complete our Contact Us form here.

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