Creditor Services
Staying on top of your bankruptcy cases has never been easier
Use the NDC's Creditor Services to:
  • Improve tracking and management of payments and
        Trustee disbursements on your bankruptcy claims
  • View all Ledger information on a case
  • Use our Voucher services to get detailed information
        about your disbursement check
  • Get either a high level or in-depth look into your     portfolio with our new Reporting module

What does look like and what can I view?

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Great - so how much does it cost?

Here's the good news. For Creditors (or Servicing Agents) with 50 cases or fewer there is a one-time setup fee with no additional monthly fee.

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The NDC Difference

The National Data Center (NDC) was established by Chapter 13 Trustees at the request of creditors and attorneys*. Our goal is to improve communication about Bankruptcy  information. We are a source for comprehensive case and claims data, as recorded and stored within the Trustees' offices. Information is updated on a daily basis


Check out our Easy-to-use interface to seamlessly access your portfolio of bankruptcy CASES.

NDC Creditor

The Case Summary page provides an excellent overview of a case including:
  • Basic Information about the case
  • Delinquency Dates
  • Attorney Information
  • Case balances

The Claim Summary lists all claims registered to the case...
  • Summarized columns of information for quick
  • NDC 'Claim Mark' system will visually mark your
        claims and place them at the top of the list for
        easy identification
  • Click on any line to view the Claim Detail for the

NDC Creditor

NDC Creditor

The Claim Detail shows you everything you need to know about your bankruptcy claim...
  • Last Payment
  • Remaining Balance
  • Creditor Address information
  • A summarized Payment History report for
        any payments that have been made to the

The Account Ledger is great for keeping track of all monetary activity to the case...
  • Debtor Payments into the Case
  • All Disbursements to Creditors or Attorneys
  • Quick Summary feature showing all Payments and
  • Link from any transaction back to it's original Case or

NDC Creditor
NDC Creditor

The Voucher page displays all the details about a check from the Trustee...
  • Quick Summary feature
  • Linked back to all the cases and claims that
        are a part of the check

Your Portfolio - Let manage it! 1 to 1000000 cases we can handle it.
  • We scan the entire US case and claims files to build
        and maintain your portfolio.
  • Our automated portfolio building system
        automatically adds and removes cases from your
        party-in-interest portfolio.
  • Advanced Search for finding that missing Case.

NDC Creditor

Reporting - Get at the data needed to make critical business decisions.
  • KPIs and Dashboards give you the pulse of
        your portfolio at a glance.
  • Tabular reports give you detailed data in a
        useable format.
  • Custom reports can be built to address your
        specific business needs.
  • Report Subscriptions enable you to decide:
    • WHICH report is delivered via email
    • WHAT format the report is in: 
             Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, or HTML
    • ​WHO the report is delivered to
    • WHEN the report is delivered and at
           what frequency
NDC Creditor Services Comparison

Service Regional Creditor Starter Regional Creditor Professional National Creditor Enterprise
One Time Fee $100 $100 n/a
Monthly Cost n/a .20 per case Inquire for specific pricing
Number of Users 2 5 Unlimited
Maximum Portfolio Size 50 999 Unlimited
Full Web Access to Case, Claim, and Ledger Data included included included
Web Voucher View included included included
Web Voucher Download n/a fee included
Output Bulk Data for entire Portfolio n/a n/a included
Scrub File n/a n/a included
Reporting Module n/a fee included
API Access n/a fee included
Party-in-Interest Portfolio building option String String File-based or String
* NDC data is only available for tracking or collection by those with a documented, fiduciary interest in an active bankruptcy case (parties-in-interest). The data is NOT available to mortgage brokers and other marketers with use strictly regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice.
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