Introducing NDC:Annual

Your Debtor Annual Reports delivered by email


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Start saving on printing and mailing costs with NDC:Annual


We want your office to immediately save printing and postage costs by delivering your Debtor Annual Reports using the free NDC:Annual system

One office delivered approximately 4,000 digital annual reports for a savings of nearly $2,000.

The NDC will also warehouse your Annual reports and make them available for your debtors and debtor's attorneys on our portal.

That means your debtor's can access their Annual reports 24x7 by logging in to NDC. And as their case progresses we'll store future reports too, so they have all of them at their fingertips.

The same goes for Debtors Attorneys. Stop emailing or printing them out for your debtor bar. NDC:Annual offers all the annual reports for all of their clients at with one login.

How does it work?

  1. 1) Your office generates the Annual Reports into pdf files and delivers them on a secure drop zone to NDC.

  2. 2) NDC will make them available to Debtors and Debtor's Attorneys because we know what case number is associated with a debtor's login and we know what cases are linked to a Debtor Attorney firm.

  3. 3) NDC will send an email to any debtor (and co-debtor) where we know their email address. We look into the email data we receive from your office plus any debtor accounts created on

  4. 4) Debtors have about one week to click on the link. Note: A debtor doesn't have to have a account to view their report.

  5. 5) After the 7 day email campaign we provide a report of statistics on what cases were delivered successfully via email. Any that weren't will need to be printed and posted as before.

  6. 6) We're finished. Let's do this again next year.

I'm interested, how do I sign up?


Please send an email to and we'll send you additional information on what is needed to get started with NDC:Annual. 

What does it cost?


It's a free service offered to all participating Trustees.

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