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The easy way to get your debtors setup and online with - in seconds.


We are offering a new way to bring benefits to your debtors by immediately signing them up during 341 or Debtor Education meetings, using our new NDC:Tablet interface.

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We've created a slimmed down version of the signup process which fits beautifully on our new tablets. Using NDC:Tablet has a couple of immediate benefits

  • Your debtors are signed up to in near real time during your 341 or Education classes. They'll receive a confirmation email within the hour giving them access to their case data on their mobile device or home computer when they return from their meeting or class.

  • We're collecting email addresses to get your office ready for a digital and e-noticing world. We provide all the email addresses collected during 341 or Education classes back to your home databases so your systems become 'email aware' and can take advantage of communicating with your debtors via email. Start saving time and money with NDC's Annual Report delivery powered by email addresses we collect with the tablet.

How do I use the NDC:Tablet?

  • Make sure the tablet is charged

  • Take the tablet to all of your 341 or Debtor Education classes. 

  • Hand it out to debtors and/or debtor attorneys - the form is very simple and shouldn't need any explanation.

    Here's a quick video that you can access from the tablet:

I'm a Trustee and I'm interested, how do I sign up?


If you represent a Chapter 13 Trustee office, please send an email to NDC Support (tablets are not available to Debtors or any other NDC customer) and we'll send you additional information on what is needed to receive your NDC:Tablet. 

What about internet?

We have you covered. Your NDC:Tablet comes with 2 years of pre-paid data plan, costs covered by NDC.

How much does it cost?


Great news: it's free. The NDC will cover the cost of the tablet (and 2 years of data plan). We even include a nifty rubber bumper which helps your users while they fill out the form.

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